Singapore Street Art

Heading back to Australia from Hanoi I decided instead of an 8 hour stopover in the airport to book the flight from Singapore to Darwin for the next day and…

Melbourne Street Art

Photos taken of Street art in the laneways around the city of Melbourne in the CBD and around Fitzroy, Collingwood and South Melbourne.

My top 10 Travel Tips learned from 2 years travelling

After over 2 years travelling in South East Asia I've learnt a lot. Mostly learnt the hard way from shitty experiences along the way. These are my 10 tips for new travellers to help make the experience as trouble free as possible.

Two sides of a coin

When the coin is in the air. There’s no time for thought or weighing up options or pros and cons. There’s just an instinct, a gut feeling, where in that moment you know what way you’re hoping the coin is going to land.

My Packing List

A packing list of all the items that I would pack for 4-5 months backpacking in South East Asia. Along with some advice and pointers to help you with your packing. Firstly my Backpack. I have a Kelty redwing 40l and I love it. It’s the perfect size and fits as hand luggage.

10 things to know before travelling solo

Travelling solo can be the most amazing experience. You put yourself outside your comfort zone and learn so much about yourself. It can open your mind and make you realise…

Packing Tips

I’m definitely not claiming to be an expert when it comes to planning for travel. I’m not an organised person, and I tend to go with the flow more than…

Travel planning Resources

Here are some resources you should find useful to help with your travel planning. This isn’t just a big long list with any resource I can think of added to…

Flipside True North Tour, Ha Giang Loop

My experience on the True North tour organised by Flipside Hostel in Hanoi. 3 days on the back of a motorbike doing the famous Ha Giang loop in Vietnam.