My Packing List

A packing list of all the items that I would pack for 4-5 months backpacking in South East Asia. Along with some advice and pointers to help you with your packing. Firstly my Backpack. I have a Kelty redwing 40l and I love it. It’s the perfect size and fits as hand luggage.

Packing Tips

I’m definitely not claiming to be an expert when it comes to planning for travel. I’m not an organised person, and I tend to go with the flow more than…

Travel planning Resources

Here are some resources you should find useful to help with your travel planning. This isn’t just a big long list with any resource I can think of added to…

Hostels & Homestays

Recommendations on the best hostels & home-stays I've stayed at during my time in South East Asia

Recommended Tours

I tend not to do too many tours when I’m travelling. I prefer to just go out and explore places on my own. However these are a few tours I have been on that I would definitely recommend.