Photo of me watching the sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the beginning of my first solo backpacking trip around South East Asia

My Journey started almost 2 years ago when I was given 3 months off of my full time job to go traveling in South East Asia. Around a month in to my travels and battling with the fact I’d promised my boss I was going back but not feeling like I wanted to. I found myself on Christmas eve in a hostel in Hanoi talking to an older English couple I had just met about my dilemma. I decided there and then; influenced slightly by a few too many beers that I had a job I could do from anywhere and didn’t need to go home and so I wasn’t going to.

I woke up Christmas morning, and upon remembering the decision I’d made the night before. I decided it was one of my better drunken decisions and that I was going to stick with it.

“ Two roads diverged in a wood and I

– I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference. ”

– Robert Frost

Almost 2 years later having gone back to England (and the job) for a short time on a couple of occasions. I’m pretty sure that not only was it “one of my better drunken decisions.” It was one of the the best decisions I’ve ever made.

[ 3rd nov 2017 – 31st mar 2018 ]

My first time out of Europe – First stop Bangkok. A month in Thailand just in the North as I already had a flight booked to Vietnam and run out of time to head down South. Followed by 4 months falling in love with Vietnam.