Singapore Street Art

Heading back to Australia from Hanoi I decided instead of an 8 hour stopover in the airport to book the flight from Singapore to Darwin for the next day and have one night and one day in Singapore. I’d already spent a few days in Singapore before and was trying not to spend much while I was there. So my only plan for my time there was to find me some good Malay and Indian food, which I was super excited about.

I found this place when looking on google and decided to go check it out. I wasn’t disappointed and even better as it was Friday it was pay what you want day. After eating here I didn’t feel that I’d fully got my fix of Malay food and I had found a couple more places in the area I was in that sounded good. I also had no plans for my day so I decided to hang around until I was ready for my second meal of the day.

With some time to kill and on a limited budget I ended up doing one of my favorite free things to do in a city…. finding and discovering street art.

North Bridge Rd area

Street art photos from my last time in Singapore

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