It’s so easy when travelling for a long period of time to forget to appreciate things as much as you should. Especially when dealing with anxiety while on the road. I’m doing what I always wanted to do and I’m so grateful for that. But it isn’t always easy. Some days I want to go out and explore and experience as much of the place I’m in as possible, other days just leaving my bed to go get food is an effort. Crazy as it sounds, there were days during the toughest times when I felt like I had achieved something with my day simply because I had gone and done laundry.

Even launderettes look cool in Georgetown

When you stay in the same place for a while and it becomes like everyday life. But you’re staying in hostels and meeting people who are only travelling for a short period of time and wanting to fit as much into their time in the place as possible. Sometimes you question if you’re making the most of the situation you’re in.

But at the same time you have to realise it’s important to have a routine when you can. Having local bars to drink at, regular coffee shops to go to and favourite restaurants to eat at is important to make you feel like you’re not just floating from one place to the next with no real connection to the places your visiting. To make genuine lasting connections with people and have a good group of people around is really important at times.

I have a tendency to get stuck in a place… when you’re fighting with anxiety everyday and forcing yourself to put yourself outside your comfort zone it gets tiring. So when you find a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable it can be hard to leave.

I recently left Malaysia a place that had become comfortable and like home to me. Because I knew I needed to get away somewhere else for a bit, there were a few things making it hard for me to leave and so I made a small step of just crossing the border by bus in to Thailand.

There are certain moments where it just hits me, something happens and I realise just how lucky I am to be living the life that I am… the one I always dreamed of.

I had one of these moments around 5 or 6 days after I left Malaysia. I spent the day in Ao nang, Krabi. It felt a bit too touristy. But I had enjoyed being on the beach after too long in towns and cities. On the way back to my hostel I decided to check out the next beach along – Nopparat Thara.

I found a quiet place just back from the beach and sat on the rocks watching all the local families enjoying their afternoon. It was a little before sunset and I could tell that it would be a great spot to get some good photos.

Watching the sunset is one of my favourite things to do. I’m naturally a night person, I have always felt like once it’s dark that’s when I really come to life. And so I love sitting and watching the light of the day fade away, and seeing the beauty of the transformation into my favourite time of day.

And as I sat there alone listening to my music, while watching the the beauty of the setting sun. I suddenly realised how lucky I am to have been able to watch the sun set in so many amazing places.

I believe you can never get bored of watching the sunset, there’s something magical in the way every single one is different.

My Sunset Photos

Long beach, Koh Lanta – Thailand
Sunset in Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia - by Hannah Cackett (Authentic Gems Travel)
Kulim, Kedah – Malaysia
Sunset on Pangkor Island, Malaysia - by Hannah Cackett (Authentic Gems Travel)
Pulau Pangkor – Malaysia
Sunset on the rooftop of a hostel rooftop in Penang, Malaysia - by Hannah Cackett (Authentic Gems Travel)
Hostel rooftop, Penang – Malaysia
Sunset on Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand - by Hannah Cackett (Authentic Gems Travel)
Railay Beach, Krabi – Thailand
Sunset on the beach in Da nang, Vietnam - by Hannah Cackett (Authentic Gems Travel)
Da nang – Vietnam

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