Photo from a client meeting for my freelance design business - Hannah Cackett Design
I can improve the Visual Identity and Branding of your business on paper, online,
and in a physical space to get your presence noticed and talked about.

I’m a designer with a degree in Interior design. Along with experience in Web design & development and graphic & branding design for startups and independent businesses. Having spent some time enjoying travelling on my savings in South East Asia. I’m now looking to get back into doing some freelance design work to fund my travels. Planning to combine my love for Design, Travel & meeting new people to create the perfect life balance.

So if your in need of a designer, I’d love to hear about your ideas and have a chat about how we can work together. You can send me an email to
Screenshot from my online design portfolio - Hannah Cackett Design

Personal Approach: I’m not an agency… I’m just me. I haven’t worked for well known clients. But I have worked with people with an idea I’ve believed in and been a part of helping them grow their business. It’s not just work. I have a genuine interest in how the people I’ve worked with are getting on and continue to follow and support their progress.

Collaboration & Flexibility: It’s about equal collaboration to ensure your ideas are reflected in the final outcome, and finding a way of working that best suits everyone involved. No 2 projects are the same. 

Relaxed but Professional: I have an informal way of interacting with my clients. But my professionalism comes through in the delivery of my work. 

Passion & Enthusiasm I’m 99% certain I’ll never stop getting excited when I see my ideas come together and turn into reality on the screen or page. I aim to ensure as my client you’ll be just as happy with the work that I produce.