Clime-it Brothers

Clime-it brothers are a socially-driven clothing brand that raises awareness about climate change to the younger generation in urban areas. I first worked with them on a pop-up shop window display in 2012 when they were just starting out and I’ve loved working with them on and off over the last 5 years and seeing how far they have come.


“Clime- it Brothers’ aim within the community is to target local youngsters and provide them with creative stimulus to aid personal progression, a goal realised with the indirect affirming of life skills through group activity including role play and role reversal, music and sport, and informal discussion. To further incentivise attendance, Clime-it Brothers offer the chance of direct employment to those who excel within the scheme – a prospect attractive to many local youngsters harbouring boredom and frustration over lack of employment and effective, accessible guidance.”

“The clothing line promotes environmental awareness about issues such as climate-change and deforestation, largely through the use of our unique polar bear motif. This animal represents us as an enterprise as there are a number of similarities in struggle between the polar bear and the young people we aim to assist. These similarities can be seen in both having to adapt to an ever-changing environment, survival and perseverance.”

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