Penang Street Art

It’s not really an authentic find because Penang is known for it’s Street Art. But I couldn’t come here without doing a post on it.

I fell in love with George Town straight away, and it wasn’t really a surprise. It’s somewhere that I was pretty sure I would enjoy being. I intended on visiting the other areas of Penang while I was there. But found myself just wandering the streets of George Town, photographing the street art and amazing architecture on show. I was here for over a week and I’m pretty sure there’s still a lot more for me to find.

Luckily I’m going back there soon, so keep an eye out for an update on this post.

Background on Penang’s Street Art

“In 2012 Penang’s municipal council hired London-trained Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic and charged him with breathing new life into some of the atmospheric Chinese shop-houses around the inner city. An effort to spawn awareness of the rich history of the streets”

Zacharevic’s “Little Girl In Blue”

“Years later, the council commissioned steel rod caricature dioramas of Penang’s way of life (like the Tok Took Mee sculpture along China Street) from local company Sculpture at Work, to join Zacharevic’s creations.”

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Although the works by Ernest Zacharevic and Sculpture at Work are the most nutorious and well known pieces. There is so much street art to be seen around Penang. The initial commissioned work by Zacharevic inspiring and in a way giving permission to a number of unknown artists to add there own stamp around the streets of Penang.

Some of my Favorites

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