Sakai Dream Catchers at Central Market

My first full day in Malaysia, and excited to be back on the road and back in South East Asia. Although not fully recovered from my long journey I was excited to go and explore KL. The difference between the last time I was in South East Asia and this time. It’s the rainy season.

Wandering happily heading in the direction of Central market, after around 10 minutes the heavens opened. The obvious reaction you would think would be to run for shelter. But one thing about me, I pride myself on being anything but normal. Within a few minutes I was wet to the point that I could not really get much wetter. Being excited to be back traveling, I wasn’t going to let the rain dampen my spirits.

I thought back to a blog post I had read recently about the positives of traveling in the rain and making the most of the experience. So here I was soaked through, walking along in the pouring rain, remembering reading this post and laughing at myself. Happy as anything to be back in South East Asia in the rain.

Being from England of course I’m used to a lot of rain. Difference here being even when soaked through walking in the rain it was still warm. I also learned quickly being a western girl walking along happily, looking like a drowned rat. Meant I attracted a lot of attention and was of high amusement to the locals.

So I arrived at central market (happy it was an undercover as apposed to an outdoor market.) The local store holders were kind enough to point out to me that I was very wet. One of them nice enough to offer me some tissues to dry myself off a bit. (Not that they would do a lot) but I appreciated the thought. I spoke to him for a few minutes and had a look at the bracelets he was selling. Keen to add my first one from Malaysia to my collection I had from the places I had visited in Thailand and Vietnam. 


I left to wander around the rest of the market telling him I might come back. I enjoyed my time looking around the rest of the market. Still drawing lots of attention from the stall holders keen to point out how wet I was. and saw a few other bracelets I could have chose. But I decided to go back to the first stall.


I returned to the stall, having now dried off a bit and not really feeling like venturing back out into the rain. Which it would seem didn’t intend on stopping anytime soon. So I ended up spending my first day in KL hanging out at the stall of my new friend chatting about all sorts while waiting for the rain to stop.

Central Market – the place of My First Authentic Find

So anyway the point of the post…… Authentic Gems. A lot of the items on sale in Central Market although nice, were the usual mass produced items always on sale to tourists. The same sort of stuff you find everywhere you go. The point of this blog is to uncover the people that make me believe there is still authenticity to be found. And after just a few hours exploring the city I had found exactly that. 


My friend makes dream catchers, and after just a few minutes talking with him I could tell his passion for what he does. Not only do his creations look beautiful, but a lot of love and passion goes into making them. 


He does commissions so if you want to get yourself a dreamcatcher with a personal touch made with love then you should definitely pay him a visit. Or just go to check out and buy some of his beautiful dreamcatchers. You can find him at unit NS03, Ground Floor, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

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